Advantages of working with Empire

A risk-reward matrix showing that the ideal business plan targets opportunities with the lowest risk and the greatest rewardRisk Vs Reward Matrix

  • Credit terms offered by Empire allow for 30 days’ credit, supporting your cash flow needs, allowing you to budget accordingly and make one single payment per month
  • No PRSI implications
  • No administration cost of Payroll/PAYE/PRSI
  • No pension to pay
  • No holiday pay implications
  • No bank holidays to pay
  • No sick leave to pay
  • No redundancy payment to pay
  • No recruitment/advertisement costs
  • Ability to both hire and off-hire staff at short notice
  • All Empire Recruitment personnel have been vetted and come with appropriate certs and passes relevant to your industry standards.
  • Flexible resourcing support allows you to hire when you require – Peak season etc
  • No union payments to pay
  • No employee disputes – Unfair dismissal actions etc


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