Temporary Staff


Empire Recruitment represents many highly-skilled candidates who can…

make a real and immediate impact on your most important projects, fill gaps in the workforce and ultimately support your overall growth. We quickly deliver the exact staff you require – often the same day – and to exceed your expectations, we apply a proven, rigorous method to vet each candidate. We attract exceptional staff by treating temporary staff like our own employees: they are on our payroll and receive holiday pay, as well as additional benefits. How do we know we bring you the best? Eight times out of 10, our temporary staff are eventually hired full-time.

Permanent Staff


At Empire Recruitment we are not just an average recruitment company…

make a real and immediate impact on your most important projects, fill gaps in the workforce and ultimately puts us in a different category to our competitors. We listen to the needs of our clients and in doing so have a proven track record in providing the best suitable candidates available. We do so at a competitive and reasonable rate.

What we do


We work at building your team while you build your business and profits…

We offer competitive rates

We can help you define the role or roles you are hiring for

We advertise the vacancy for you at no extra cost and draw up a short list of potential candidates

We provide suitable candidates for you without the hassle of advertising and screening

We prepare candidates for interviews so they know your expectations and requirements

We provide background checks for you on the chosen candidates

Regarding temp placements/general operatives; we initiate the induction process by providing candidates with an understanding of your company and your mission

We provide feedback on your behalf to those candidates not offered a roll

When you work with Empire Recruitment, you enjoy all the benefits of a full time job with the flexible lifestyle of a freelancer

We pay you on time, every week, and even handle all taxes and other deductions for you

We offer holiday pay, including public holidays

The Advantages


No PRSI implications
No pension to pay

Credit terms offered by Empire allow for 30 days’ credit, supporting your cash flow needs, allowing you to budget accordingly and make one single payment per month

No administration cost of Payroll/PAYE/PRSI

No holiday pay implications

No bank holidays to pay

No sick leave to pay

No redundancy payment to pay

No recruitment/advertisement costs

Ability to both hire and off-hire staff at short notice

All Empire Recruitment personnel have been vetted and come with appropriate certs and passes relevant to your industry standards.

Flexible resourcing support allows you to hire when you require – Peak season etc

No union payments to pay

No employee disputes – Unfair dismissal actions etc

Our recruiters are experienced, knowledgeable insiders, having worked in the industries for which they recruit. They’ve walked in your shoes and understand the challenges of finding alternative employment, progressing one’s career and the needs of an employer, specific to each job vacancy. So they understand the exciting, satisfying and challenging aspects of each job.
Keeping up with the current trends, they’re continually networking with employers, industry leaders, decision makers, all so that they can be ready to connect you, the jobseeker, with opportunities as and when they arise.





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