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Why Use A Recruitment Consultancy?

There are many reasons to use a recruitment consultancy when seeking to fill a position within your organisation. Simply put, just as you are an expert in your field, recruitment consultants are expert in theirs.

Benefits of using a recruitment consultancy rather than hiring directly are outlined below.

Wider Net of Potential Candidates

Recruitment consultancies actively cultivate a strong network of candidates.  A good recruitment consultant will also have excellent relationships with the professional institutes across the sector in which you are recruiting and as such, will have a pool of both active and passive job seekers to target for your job vacancy.

Saving you Time

A good recruitment consultant can streamline the process of finding the right person by sending you a shortlist of potential candidates, thereby reducing the time spent going through CVs.
They will also save on management time by interviewing only relevant candidates on your behalf. The shortlisted applicants will also have the relevant skills that you need for your specific vacancy.
Experienced recruiters will also understand your company’s culture, and will only send through people who not only are a good technical fit, but who are a good cultural fit as well. This reduces the risk of the person leaving within a short period of time, thereby saving you time invested on training that person.

Saving you Money

If you add up the money you would have to spend on advertising as well as on HR to filter through CVs, then you will find that a recruitment consultancy is actually extremely good value.
They can also offer guarantee periods as well as some rebate options.

Providing Advice

Specialist recruitment consultancies can offer you salary advice based on benchmarking within the industry.
They can also provide valuable insights into the negotiation of any offers made and offer feedback at every stage of the interview process.
They can also advise on any further advertising options if required as well as give you information on current market trends.
N.B – Please also visit our link ‘Advantages of Working with Empire’ – Here we provide detail of the financial, cost effective benefits of recruiting temporary/contract personnel through Empire Recruitment.

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