Temporary Staff


Temporary staff and flexible working hours are a rapidly increasing area of the workforce. There is…

a growing interest from candidates to find flexible working conditions. Our clients also appreciate the flexibility and reassurance temporary staff afford their business. At Empire Recruitment, we aim to facilitate the needs of both the client and the candidate, ensuring we marry up suitable candidates with job opportunities that reflect their commitments outside of work. Many of our candidates enjoy the flexible working arrangements that temporary placement offers.

Permanent Staff


Professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling – who wouldn’t want that from their career? With…

so many hours spent at work, we understand how important it is to align your next job with your aspirations. At our core, that’s what drives us – helping candidates connect with companies that meet their professional and personal goals. Empire Recruitment have a wealth of experience working with both multi-national and SME businesses across Ireland and the UK. We have the reach to place you in permanent employment.

Temporary Staff Support Services


When you work with Empire Recruitment, you enjoy all the benefits of a full time job with…

the flexible lifestyle of a freelancer:

We pay you on time, every week, and even handle all taxes and other deductions for you

We offer holiday pay, including public holidays

Our recruiters are experienced, knowledgeable insiders, having worked in the industries for which they recruit. They’ve walked in your shoes and understand the challenges of finding alternative employment, progressing one’s career and the needs of an employer, specific to each job vacancy. So they understand the exciting, satisfying and challenging aspects of each job.
Keeping up with the current trends, they’re continually networking with employers, industry leaders, decision makers, all so that they can be ready to connect you, the jobseeker, with opportunities as and when they arise.




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